Chillin’ with Helio’s Hero

23 May

I like gadgets. Right now I am carrying three phones (two Treos and my new favorite — the Helio Hero).

Using the Hero is like getting color television for the first time. This point is maybe lost on those too young to remember life before color tv, but I do and that first showing of The Wizard of Oz on NBC in the Sixties will always be the huge moment of change showing what tv could do to bring the world of information and entertainment 'In Living Color' to our living rooms.

The Hero really shows what the possibilities of the mobile internet are.

The video is quality is unbelievable (and I am a former TV broadcaster). The integration of music and other apps is also pretty stunning.

Great job to the Helio team.

Here is what EarthLink blogmeister Dave Coustan has to say


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