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‘Be Luckier in Life’ Is an Amazon Best-Seller!

2 Dec

'Be Luckier in Life' Is an Amazon Best-Seller!

Wow: Thanks to all your support (and holiday book-buying…), ‘Be Luckier in Life’ made it on to Amazon’s best-seller list this weekend, rising to #10 in the Career>Guides section. The ‘road to success is paved every day,’ so there is still plenty of road ahead. But I am really awestruck by the response from so many people! Thank you!


‘Be Luckier in Life’ — What Is My Book About?

22 Nov

Can there really be a “system” for creating luck – and if there is one, why don’t we all know it by now?


For the past decade or so I have been accumulating ‘life’ lessons from many remarkable people, including Sen. Bill Bradley, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, philanthropist Ray Chambers and self-made construction magnate Linda Alvarado. And I believe that by learning and adopting the right traits, attitudes and habits, anyone can create the sort of luck that will make her (or him) healthier, wealthier and wiser.

So I wrote a book to summarize all this learning. It’s called “Be Luckier in Life.”

My system is not dry textbook stuff – rather inspirational, motivational and uplifting life lessons about human nature and the way the world works. Adopted over the years by our wisest ancestors, these lessons are a kind of inculcated wisdom and personal philosophy about why — and how — things are. The book includes ten chapters covering each of these simple secrets, drawn from tales of how luck led to success and failure for many of the famous people I have had the good fortune to know and interview – as well as tips for avoiding and limiting bad luck. The secrets will shake up your self-perception and boost your energy – helping you take a fresh approach to your motivations, goals and life.

Although it is one of life’s most-discussed topics, there is surprisingly little analytical rigor brought to the study of luck. As I undertook the thoughtful process of studying the underlying traits and characteristics that have consistently created luck for the most successful people, I began to realize there is a pattern – and even a method — to the seeming randomness of luck.

The “luckiest” of people literally create their own luck by behaving in ways that makes them open to new possibilities and new people. These traits and behaviors are alluring, and this allure itself leads to new opportunities – which – in their abundance – provide an ever-more powerful and complex system of chances for success. It’s a “virtuous circle” where lucky behavior begets ever more luck. This understanding and analysis of a lucky “way of being” is the underpinning of the book, and ultimately — I hope — creates a memorable system for applying those rules for anyone’s life.

It has been working for the people profiled in the book. I hope it works for you.

You can buy the book on Amazon here. Or you can get it in the iBooks bookstore or elsewhere online.