On the Road

5 Apr

Great series of meetings with ELNK colleagues in San Francisco and Pasadena.

In SF, it was great to connect with the PeoplePC team. Dave, Hilary, Matt, Kip, Rob, Rick, Heather, Jeanetta, Paul, Kim and team were available to spend some time on Monday talking about plans for the year and some of their new initiatives. Exciting stuff.

Yesterday, in Pasadena, Arvind and the Value Added Services development team organized a brown bag lunch and a series of meetings to talk in greater detail about the work going on and ideas in the VAS pipeline. Later, everyone made it through a rain-soaked SoCal thunderstorm to Bar Celona in Old Town — a very cool place. Cyrus was able to join us too.

Great and very full trip. Lots to think during the trip back East later today.  And it's still raining here, which makes the sunny icons on the Atlanta weather map even more alluring!


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