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My Columns on QZ.com

5 Jun

I am a big fan of what my editorial sisters and brothers-in-arms Kevin (@kevinjdelaney), Mitra (@mitrakalita) and Lauren (@laurenalixb) and their colleagues are creating at QZ.com. New, digital-only journalism with quality of their cousins at The Atlantic, but with much more social sharing, mobile and digital-forward DNA.

I am glad to be contributing to them, however infrequently, on a range of subjects, including technology, economics and media.

I also like to write a bit about what the view is from ‘inside the boardroom,’ a vantage point not often described, and about which not enough is known by people.

Here are a few recent articles….

On Apple’s swooning share price and what it says about the rapidly-growing, and maturing global mobile telecoms markets:


On the immaturity of Instagram when it ham-handed its changes to its Terms of Service (ToS):


On France’s crackdown on Arcelor/Mittal and freedom to build a markets-focused operating plan:



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