Wow — FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s New e-book is Pretty Astonishing

5 Dec

I just posted this on Amazon…

‘Net Effects’ – A Must Read, December 4, 2013
By C Forman
Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: NET EFFECTS: The Past, Present, and Future Impact of Our Networks (Kindle Edition)

It isn’t frequent: a newly minted public official has the vision, the career experience, the courage and — dare we say it — the elan to lay out his ‘theory of the case:’ what he or she intends to accomplish during his or her term ‘as a servant of the public.’

In this case, the FCC is the agency, and the public servant is Chairman Tom Wheeler.

In this landmark review, Chairman Wheeler not only lays out a powerful and convincing case for ‘data-driven and fact-based’ rule-making, but he does so in an entertaining recounting of the sweep of human experience with communications (from Gutenberg to fiber-optics) that would make our most influential public intellects — and a few professors — proud.

That Mr. Wheeler does this at all is notable. That he does it after only a short time since taking up his role is a sign either of a prodigious work-ethic or of working too hard. That he pulls it off with a style and freshness of voice that makes this not only a must read, but an enjoyable one, too, is simply astonishing.

So ‘Net Effects’ is an important work for anyone involved in technology, media or telecom. Or anyone who uses those services.

Which, after all, is everyone.

(Full disclosure: I know Mr. Wheeler, have worked with him and I am involved in the telecom, media and technology industries that the FCC regulates. I have no current business before the agency).


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