That Syncing Feeling

27 Aug

Has the ‘syncing feeling’ affected you, too?

Below is a link to my WSJ edit pager on an unintended consequence of the smartphone cloud: the new time we need to spend to make sync work as cheaply and efficiently as possible…Especially when traveling overseas. I was struck by this recently — as mobile services become more powerful (which is great!) they are also forcing us to spend more time fiddling and fussing with them to make them as efficient and inexpensive to operate as possible.

Many thanks to Gordon Crovitz, whose column returns to its regularly scheduled spot next week!

Here is the link:


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  1. Is Apple planting the seeds of its own decline? – Quartz - November 6, 2012

    […] is too expensive, especially for anyone who travels outside a given country. I’ve written on this before but the bottom line is: Convenient, yes. Flawless, not by a long shot. Expensive, […]

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