@ The Wall Street Journal D9 Conference

31 May

It is a beautiful day in southern California for a technology conference. If the lineup weren’t so good (as it always is) many of the attendees would probably play hookey and enjoy the golden California sunshine. (Apologies to those folks who are reading this where it is raining….)

It is the ninth annual WSJ D conference since Walt and Kara started this global gathering of the digital elite, and my fifteenth since I left daily newspaper journalism at The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones to get involved in this “obscure” (as it was considered then) and “geeky” (again, that was then) thing called….The Internet….

Today, what is now known simply as “Convergence” has brought together the worlds of media, communications and technology in ways that were simply a vision back then.

I have been privileged to operate big jobs at the center of this “Convergence” from several vantage points (“Big Media” (@TimeWarner), “Big Internet” (@Yahoo!), “Big Telecom” (EarthLink), and successful startups in websearch and mobile (Infoseek->Disney and WHERE->EBay).

And it’s funny: when you look forward, big changes really seem evolutionary. It is only when you have the perspective and opportunity to look backwards that you can see how revolutionary the changes really are….

This WSJ D Conference provides plenty of both perspective and opportunity – so I will be pimping for my current startups every way I can! 🙂

And Walt and Kara and their growing team have assembled a great lineup, including Google’s Eric Schmidt, Hewlett-Packard CEO LĂ©o Apotheker, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, DARPA director Regina Dugan, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, among others….

I’ll tweet as best I can! Once a reporter, always a reporter….


One Response to “@ The Wall Street Journal D9 Conference”

  1. Helen Whelan May 31, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    As one of your start ups, please pimp away! Love to know of new ideas around E Learning.

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