Why I am Joining uLocate’s Board of Directors…

5 Oct

….because it is one of the nation’s most exciting digital information and engagement companies. It’s that simple.

Press release is here Craig Forman Joins uLocate Communications’ Board of Directors

The high-energy location-based services startup has over 1 million uses on its flagship WHERE, which is the leader in the emerging space of combining mobility with useful information and data. And it has a fast-rising new app TRAFFIC which does the same for your daily commute or travels.

It is early days, these services are quickly going from experimental to essential. A quick anecdote: On a recent cross-country trip in the US I found myself in Amarillo, TX for the first time — (great town by the way). In the old days, figuring out where to go would have required maps, guidebooks, maybe even a trip to a bookstore or library. With WHERE, I instantly had access to all the local information I need (dining, gas stations, movies, yellow pages, etc.) in a very intuitive and easy-to-use format.

Usefulness goes well beyond GPS data and driving directions (though that is included, of course). uLocate is pioneering new integration of location and social information that are changing the ways we ‘navigate’ our lives.


2 Responses to “Why I am Joining uLocate’s Board of Directors…”

  1. ex uLocter October 7, 2009 at 12:18 pm #

    Driving directions are NOT included in the Where app. You hurt your credibility when you haven’t even used the application you are reviewing. I hope you looked at the company’s books a little more closely before you made yourself fiducially responsible for uLocate.

    Why would anyone use Where instead of Google maps – because Where has banner ads? Seriously, what is Where’s core value proposition for users?

  2. craigforman October 7, 2009 at 1:05 pm #

    First, thanks for your comment, and for using WHERE enough to provide some feedback.

    On driving directions: It’s true that WHERE will not provide an audible voice prompt to give you turn by turn directions. That’s an interesting feature of some systems that cost users additional fees — valuable of course and always worth considering.

    But you are not quite right, either: In the latest shipping release, select any one of hundreds of thousands of POIs (points of interest — such as AMC Cinemas in Manhattan, Starbucks in Schenectady, Dunkin Donuts in Durham). Click on the POI, and then click ‘I want to go there” or, in some versions of the software (WHERE is created on many platforms and for many smartphones) click on “Maps.” You will have an option for “Driving Directions” provided within your browser, and also within Google Maps. (Yes, WHERE works with Google). Click for driving directions. The POI data is becoming more robust with user-generated comments within the WHERE system.

    WHERE is an easy-to-use single source for the location-aware information you eed anywhere in North America. I find it is saving me and millions of other people time, money and effort — as it did in Amarillo, as I mentioned above.

    And it is constantly getting better. So the WHERE team has now received your feedback, and please keep the comments coming — though it will be faster to get it straight to the company’s product team. You can find them on twitter, Facebook and of course at http://www.where.com/contact/

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

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