Kara on the clash of technology engineering and media cultures…

31 Jan

Kara had a very interesting post today from the SIIA conference where Gordon Crovitz and others were due to speak. The post, here : http://kara.allthingsd.com/20080131/engineers-are-from-mars-media-moguls-are-from-venus/#comments focuses on the skills gap between technology and media executive leadership.

There is a lot of evidence about this gap, but as I mentioned in my comment on her post, it is being bridged by 1. diligent attention to the underlying core innovation and skills that build the products that work, 2. a fundamental understanding of the blocking-and-tackling of consumer engagement and managing large-scale consumer technology supply/demand and 3. real understanding of the ROI and IRR on investments required to take something new and innovative and make it a business success.

It’s hard, but I believe since the mid-1990s and my first foray into Silicon Valley (Infoseek – ah, those were the days) we have come a long way, Baby!


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