Most Valuable Half-hour of Television…

17 Mar

…this week is Al Hunt’s Political Capital on Bloomberg TV. You have to work hard to find it (9:30AM Saturday ET on Dish #203) and neither the folks at Bloomberg nor at Dish make it easy to record (no rebroadcast, no full-show Podcasts, no video links on iTunes)….Regardless, it is worth the effort.

In a fast 30 minutes, Al (with whom I had the pleasure to work long ago) covered Iraq and Afghanistan with Adm. William Fallon (head of Central Command), did a quick hit on why interest rates are unlikely to change for a while, weighed in on what he believes is the inevitable departure of AG Alberto Gonzales and then rounded it off with his weekly melee with Bob Novak and Margaret Carlson.

Al covers a lot of ground quickly. We’ll see how accurate this week’s predictions are, but I tend to bet on Al, a veteran Capitol Hill reporter who was once known as the 436th member of the House because he was so close to the political action.

The show would be even better if Al got more help from his bookers. Fewer 1:1s with Bloomberg journalists and more interviews with newsmakers themselves would be an improvement…Still, it’s a worthwhile half-hour.

Now, if Matt, Marty and the Bloomberg team would only make it downloadable so you could watch the whole show on your computer at your convenience, instead of having to program the VCR or Tivo……

UPDATE: It is a month later, and you can now reassemble the show at iTunes by clicking on four or five separate blocks. That’s progress! Congrats to Bloomberg.


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