On the Road in Pasadena and Denver

4 Jun

Spending a few days out West with the engineering and development team in our Pasadena office, and in Denver. We had a Value Added Services all-hand video meeting (via IP) on Friday. It was great to be with the Pasadena team and also join our Atlanta and other colleagues (on the dial in) to get everyone caught up on the progress of our strategy offsites and thinking during the past two months.

I'm briefly in Denver tomorrow to talk about driving user engagement at the Newspaper Association of America's summit www.naa.org/conferences/gas/program.html . Then back in Pasadena for one of our company-wide meetings on our current and future outlook.

After all this, back in Atlanta Wednesday night. It will good to be back in the office.


One Response to “On the Road in Pasadena and Denver”

  1. Mark Spiegel June 6, 2006 at 10:04 pm #

    Hey Craig,

    I was thinking about you the other night, when I was tuning around the cable box and saw that Channel 21 (the Long Island PBS station) was doing a special about the 30th anniversary of “Born to Run.” (As soon as I saw what they were showing, I knew they had to be raising money, because that’s the only time they ever have anything good on… But I digress.) Anyway, it reminded me of you because you and I saw him together in 1978 at Jadwin Gym, and it’s still the single best concert I’ve ever attended (although seeing Cream at The Garden last October was pretty damn thrilling, I have to admit). Anyway, I just joined ThinkEquity partners, which was co-founded by one of your classmates (Deborah Quazzo). Shoot me an e-mail the next time you’ll be in New York, and we’ll get together.


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